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Welcome to the New JRJ Food Equipment Store
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Libbey 15238 Gibraltar 12 oz. Beverage Glass

Libbey 15238 Gibraltar 12 oz. Beverage Glass

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The Libbey 15238, a glass from the Gibraltar series, has a round top and octagonal bottom to add visual interest and provide a secure grip for staff and guests. This beverage glass has a 12-ounce capacity, making it ideal for serving water, soda, juice, and tea. The clarity of this glass will show off any drink you choose to serve in it, which makes it easier for servers to monitor drink levels and know when to offer a refill. It is also dishwasher-safe, making cleaning and maintenance simple.

The Libbey Gibraltar line features the company's DuraTuff treatment, a special heat process that makes the glass more durable and able to better resist breakage from both mechanical and thermal shock. In the event that the glass does break, the DuraTuff treatment offers another advantage: it will break into large pieces, rather than shattering like most tempered glass, which makes it safer to use and less likely to contaminate food or injure customers. The durability of these heat-treated glasses will help you spend less money replacing them and less time cleaning up shattered messes, saving on labor and product replacement costs.

Product Details

  • Gibraltar pattern
  • Beverage glass with a 12-oz. capacity
  • Round top with an octagonal bottom
  • Suitable for water, juice, tea, and more
  • Clear glass provides a full view of product inside
  • Treated with DuraTuff, which makes the glass more resistant to breakage
  • Overall Dimensions: 478 in. H x 314 top dia. x 258 in. bottom dia. x 314 in. max dia.